Safety Standards

At Rope Access Manchester, safety isn’t just a policy, it’s our responsibility. Our adherence to strict safety standards underscores our commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety and professionalism in all our projects.

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Introductory Section

Safety is the cornerstone of our operations at Rope Access Manchester. We faithfully follow the stringent guidelines set by industry associations, ensuring that every project is executed within a controlled and safe environment for our skilled rope access technicians

Safety Standards

We adhere to the global authority in setting standards for training and operational safety in industrial rope access. Adherence to these standards means a systematic approach to safety, encompassing rigorous training and certification, meticulous equipment inspection, and comprehensive risk management.

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Level 1

Technicians are trained to execute rope access tasks under the supervision of Level 3 personnel, ensuring safe practices are followed at all times.

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Level 2

At this intermediate level, technicians acquire the skills to evaluate safety measures and perform more complex tasks, expanding their knowledge and experience in rope access operations.

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Level 3

Level 3 certification equips our personnel with the skills and authority to supervise rope access projects, ensuring every aspect of the project adheres to the highest safety and quality standards.

Our team undergoes rigorous training and certification across three levels:

Training and Certification

A man is performing inspections on the edge of a building, utilizing rope access for safe and efficient work.

Equipment and Inspection

The equipment used in our projects complies with the stringent safety standards set by trade associations. Regular inspections and maintenance checks are conducted to ensure all gear remains in optimal condition, thus minimising the risk of accidents

Routine Gear Checks

Before and after each use, our equipment undergoes thorough checks to ensure it's in perfect working condition.

Annual Inspections

In addition to daily checks, our equipment is inspected annually by external auditors to ensure compliance with trade standards.

Operational Procedures

Our operational procedures are meticulously designed to minimise risks:

Risk Assessment

Comprehensive risk assessments are conducted before initiating any project to identify potential hazards and implement necessary safety measures

Safe Working Practices

Standard operating procedures are followed to ensure a controlled and safe work environment, in line with trade guidelines.

Accident Prevention and Response

Preventative measures and well-drilled emergency response procedures are integral to our safety protocols:

Preventative Measures

Rigorous training, routine inspections, and adherence to safe working practices help prevent accidents.

Emergency Response

Our trained staff can quickly and effectively handle emergencies to reduce risks and keep everyone safe

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